1. Register as a participant please go to http://coneckt.org/flatten-that-curve/ and chat to our bot
  2. Let your family and friends know that you are embarking on the #flattenthecurve challenge. Ask if they would be willing to support you and your cause- each supporter who pledges will be informed and be expected to pay only once you have reached your weekly goal. You will be able to send a message (link) directly to them when you have registered.
  3. You should get a call/ whatsapp or FB message from a representative of your chosen charity, they will be sending you motivational messages along the way, if you do not hear from your chosen charity within 3-5 days after registration, please email naomi@coneckt.org
  4. If you have any pre-existing conditions or feel unsure about your health please consult a medical professional before embarking on this challenge